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Chatham-Kent Professional Firefighters Association


Texting and driving is an epidemic sweeping over North America, and your community is not immune. With an average of 4 million accidents caused by distracted driving every year in North America, it’s time to put an end to texting and driving.

As fire fighters, it is our responsibility to keep the community safe, and we see texting and driving as one of the most preventable risks we face today. The #JustifyIt effort is designed to educate the community on the dangers of texting and driving, the distractions it creates, and the horrible damages we’ve seen it cause based on our experience as fire fighters responding to accidents.










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NFPA 1710

 Fire fighting is a science and having the right number of people respond when you call 911 shouldn’t be based on guesswork, politicians’ opinions or budget number crunchers. Watch and learn what the science has to say about keeping you and your family safe.

NFPA 1710 is the internationally accepted standard on minimum crew size and operational staffing for career fire departments. 

Facts to consider


  • Fire doubles in size from the point of ignition every 30 seconds 
  • 15 Firefighters minimum are required to fight a single house fire
  • 28 Firefighters minimum are required for a stripmall or 3 story walkup appartment
  • 43 Firefighters minimum are required for a High-Rise Appartment or office
  • 8 the Number of Firefighters on duty 24/7 in Chatham
  • 4 the Number of Firefighters on duty 24/7 in Wallaceburg
  • 1st Alarm initial responce numbers is the KEY safety fact faceing You and Us
  • Waiting to get Firefighters and equipment to a scene doesn't help anyone
  • Your paying 66 cents a day for Fulltime fire protection 





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IAFF Frontline News

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Pull to the Right


Chatham-Kent when you see Lights and hear a Siren Pull to the Right and come to a stop!

Help us Help You! You don't know where we are going but we do! It may be your house or your loved one's that needs our help!

Chatham-Kent Emergency Responders appreciate your compliance it's the Law!


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MDA National Ambassador : Joe Akmakjian

A true insperation and great embassador for MDA.

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Overcoming Post-Tramatic Stress


General President Harold Schaitberger talks with IAFF members who have struggled and recovered from post-traumatic stress, one of the biggest but often untreated health issues among our ranks.

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Paul Combs

Paul is a classically trained artist, award-winning illustrator, and firefighter/EMT. That’s right, this unlikely combination has made Paul one of the most compelling and distinctive illustrators in America today. Paul burst onto the scene with a refreshing new style that married classical realism, manic energy, and a zany imagination for caricature. His lavishly detailed illustrations are published worldwide in newspapers, magazines (print and online), and books. His politically charged editorial cartoons are syndicated world-wide by Tribune Media Services/Tribune Content Agency.


In conjunction with his career as an illustrator, Paul is an eighteen-year veteran of the fire service where he is a Firefighter II, NREMT, HazMat Technician, and Instructor for the City of Bryan Fire Training Academy.


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Public Safety

Portable Extinguisher's:


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Clutter can Kill

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New Photo Gallery with Batch Uploading!

Our new photo gallery with batch uploading and flash animated slide show feature has arrived. Upload up to 500 images at a time... images will be automatically optimized with thumbnail and large view. Our new flash animated gallery will work with your preexisting website photo gallery as well. This is a non cost update for any of our existing clients with the photo gallery feature!

More information and deployment timelines will be available during our weekly webinars.

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GoMobile with UnionCentrics

UnionCentrics is pleased to announce a brand new website feature. "GoMobile" allows UnionCentrics customers to provide critical information to the ever growing Internet capable mobile phones.

Previously, if a member, resident or elected official were to visit your website they were forced to view contents that were designed to fit on a desktop/notebook computer monitor onto a 2.5 inch cell phone screen. Our new upgrade has resolved this issue by automatically detecting when a cell phone or other mobile internet device is attempting to connect to your website and instantly delivering a perfectly formatted website.

This new upgrade is an ideal solution for Locals that are looking to provide a mobile/cellular compliant micro website which can provide content apart from your homepage.

Benefits for your membership include providing convenient access for your members to view Union related information such as upcoming meetings, union alerts, or even a shift calendar.

There are also many benefits that GoMobile can do for your political campaigns, community advocates and residents who visit your website from their cell phone.
Essentially, the GoMobile upgrade allows you to have two separate websites themes, one designed and dedicated for mobile visitors and one for people using a desktop/notebook computer. Both themes are managed from your existing website admin console.

Check out on your mobile phone to experience GoMobile!

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Broadcast Text Messaging

Send text messages to your members instantly from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Text Messaging from Whether it's a member alert, meeting notification or emergency call back... now you can send a broadcast text message to your members. The message is delivered directly to their cellular phone... no internet access required, just a simple basic txt compatible cell phone.

This feature is seamlessly integrated into your site and is member authenticated. Members can simply edit their profile to opt in or out at anytime.

While broadcast email is great, it relies on the member to regularly check their email for news and updates. Broadcast text messaging goes directly to their cell phone and decreases delay in responding to your message.

No sending fees! Usually, technologies like this use third party providers and require sending fees on every message sent. One message sent to 500 members could become very expensive. Our system is built right into your members profile. Please note members receiving messages on the cell phone could incur fees from their cellular provider.

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